It's been four years are you ready?



It's not a leap year...but it is February.


2008 is in the books

A huge contingent from Lincoln and Omaha took to the Boulevards for a perfect night of Omaha urban. We never got a full head count but it was close to 35. Saw some faces I'd not seen in a long while. The TMCO and MWC crews were in full force. Thanks to all that helped make this ride way more than I thought it would be. See you in 2012.

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Ride News

Update 2/29!!!: Today's the day, it's ON! Weather is good, ice should be at a minimum by ride time. Group will be too big to stop anywhere for a real meal so plan accordingly. Map is up below. I'll have cue sheets for the directionally challenged should you lose the group. Ride refreshments are encouraged. We'll pick a post ride bar to invade. See you tonight.

Update 2/23: Looks like we're going to have a pretty good sized group for the ride. I'll have some more detailed route maps up this week. Because of the group size we may not be stopping at the Crescent Moon for grub, so with that in mind plan accordingly for your own food needs. BYOB and food for pre/post ride norishment at the shop. Weather forecast is getting better and better. High of 45 with patchy clouds.

One week out: Things look good. They've taken the snow out of the forecast for Friday. Should be around 30 degrees at ride time with mostly cloudy skys. Sounds like we'll have around 20 folks. Do I hear 30?


The Map

The Story

The 29er Trifecta is a 29 mile boulevard tour of Omaha held every leap year on February 29th and ridden on 29er bicycles.

In 1889, Horace Cleveland proposed a grand park and boulevard system for Omaha. One hundred years and miles later, the parks and boulevards are stilll key to Omaha cycling life.

Join in on Friday, February 29th, 6:29 PM at the Trek Bicycle Store for the first leap year 29er Trifecta.

It's 29 miles.

It's on the 29th

You better be riding a 29er, if you don't have a 29er then you better bring a fixie, if you don't have a fixie, well...you can still come but you have to make 29 sacrifices to the 29er godfathers, Wes Williams, Steve Potts, Gary Fisher, do I need to list more?

Saddle up, it's year one, be a charter member...

The Loop

The Central Traverse

We kick it off in style as we cruise through upper Elmwood Park and across the Jones street foot bridge. After a little alley cat action through the neighboorhood we'll jump on Leavenworth and follow the Q line from the old street car days up to 38th street and the Gold Coast. We'll veer off 38th for a bit and mosey over to the Crescent Moon where we can sit amoungst the imagery of Omaha's brewery's and chow down on some Blackstone Ruebens. 38th street drops us off onto Lincoln Boulevard where the south loop begins.

The South Loop

Along Lincoln Blvd. we pass Bemis Park down to 30th street where I-480 destroyed about half of the original route. No choice but to head south on 30th where we pick up the remnants of Lincoln Blvd. just before Turner Park where Turner Boulevard appropriately begins. Turner Blvd. winds us by Dewey Park and Leavenworth Park ulitimately dropping us into Hanscom Park. After a short tour through the park it's over to Hanscom Boulevard, again, ravished by I-480 as we transfer across on Vinton street to Deer Park Boulevard. Deer Park, virtually annililated by I-80, loops us around the south end by Rossenblatt stadium and Riverview Park, now known as the Henry Doorly Zoo. 10th street takes us into downtown Omaha and the Old Market.

The North Leg

North out of downtown on 19th street takes us onto Omaha's prettiest mile, Florence Boulevard. We roll through Kountze Park, site of the 1898 Trans-Mississippi Exposition. We ride Florence Blvd. from head to tail before turning off onto Minne Lusa Boulevard and back to Miller Park. After passing through Miller Park we start the climb up Belvedere Boulevard to the lookout before traversing Nebraska Avenue for a few blocks and hooking up with Fontenelle Boulevard. At Fontenelle Park we turn onto Paxton Boulevard and down to John A. Creighton Boulevard. Creighton Blvd. passes us through Adams Park and up to Hamilton Street and the Walnut Hill neighborhood.

The Road Home

We turn on Military Avenue for few blocks before traversing over to Happy Hollow Boulevard on Decatur Street. Happy Hollow Blvd. is the home to Omaha's sole bike lane. We pass through the Dundee neighborhood, where I just might be persuaded to stop at the Dell for some single malt scotch to christen the evening before heading back through Elmwood Park.

Plate 1

Omaha Bicycle Messengers

Elmwood Park Foot Bridge

Gold Coast

Gold Coast

Blackstone Hotel - Home of the Rueben

Plate 2

Gold Coast

Turner Boulevard

Turner Boulevard

Plate 3

Metz Brewery

Plate 4

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Plate 5

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Plate 6

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Plate 7

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Plate 8

Horace sporting a mean chin curtain